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Why Build Now?

Hiring a professional home builder for your custom home is not only possible but ideal. Doing DIY is only recommended when you are fully oriented with the construction processes, procurement processes and project management processes. Often , we do DIY hoping we can save cost but it is only the opposite. More than the headache, your time , your effort will only go to waste. During the pandemic, we had seen the progressive decline in the economy However, the construction industry has experienced a significant, persistent boom throughout the crisis. This surge in construction has occurred primarily in the residential space rather than the commercial space. This pivot makes sense given an en masse turn towards working from home instead of from off-site commercial offices. Across the country, Filipinos have decided to invest more in their at-home environment. They have chosen to relocate to regions with lower costs of living, larger properties and lesser costs-per-square-meter. With this growing, trans-national desire to adopt an indoor-outdoor lifestyle -- separated from multi-hour commutes and exhausting urban pursuits -- has emerged a need for fast, effective and all-encompassing residential design and construction. Interest rates have plummeted at the direction  while the cost of homes has increased nationwide. The combination of low interest rates and low inventory of homes has created a sellers’ market. This has encouraged sellers to hike up prices for built properties. At the same time, buyers have been emboldened by lower interest rates and have continued to compete for sales. Because of this heavy competition for built properties -- i.e. those hosting a livable structure -- building on undeveloped land has become more financially feasible. This has unexpectedly and exponentially spurred activity in the construction industry. What are you waiting for, remember the cost continue to rise and you cannot buy back time. Take the First Step! Lets Talk! Call: +63936-540-0689

we can build your dream home
we can build your dream home


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